Global Consulting Group Inc.

Don and Melisa Cooper                                                         

 Don and Melisa Cooper are the leaders of Global Consulting Group. After language school in the early 90's, God called them to Mexico as missionaries. After several years there, God began giving them visions of His work in the Amazon basin of South America. After much prayer and counsel, they moved to Peru in 1995 with their 4 children. Through miraculous happenings, God connected them with many people all throughout the country. They started churches all along the jungle rivers in Madre de Dios, and worked with many different Indian tribes, some of which had never heard the gospel before. They raised up Christians to lead the ministries, including Octavio and Luz Taracaya. They also had their youngest child while living in the jungle.

After 3 years in Puerto Maldonado, they felt called to Cusco where they pastored a large church. During their 3 years there, the Holy Spirit moved in mighty and miraculous ways. Through that church, God raised up many Peruvian Christians to be leaders all over the country. 

 Feeling called to start a mission's organization to send out other missionaries, they moved to Texas to begin Global Consulting Group. Continuing their influence and activity with the leaders in Cusco and Puerto Maldonado, they started a church called Lifegate Christian Fellowship. Partnering with the churches in Peru, India, Mexico, and the Philippines, this body of believers has helped finance and encourage in missions all over the world while growing in their own walk with the Lord. Through the ministry of this church, the Coopers have also been privileged to adopt two beautiful girls.

Don and Melisa are part of the Federation of Ministers and Churches International that unites leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in the regions in which they are working. Don leads the mission's tract for FMCI. They now have 7 children from the ages of 28 to 2. They also have 3 grandchildren. 

Octavio and Luz

Octavio and Luz are Peruvian missionaries who have been working for the Lord for the past 15 years. They met the Cooper family while living in Puerto Maldonado and formed a partnership to bring the gospel to unreached tribes all throughout the state of Madre de Dios. They have faithfully served in both Cusco and Puerto Maldonado among city and tribal people groups.

Octavio has a passion in his heart to reach the uncontacted people groups in the deep jungles of Peru. He has been working towards this goal for many years, working with and encouraging many churches as far as several days upriver. Luz loves working with children and women, encouraging them to grow in Jesus Christ and to live to please Him.

Through their partnership with Global Consulting Group, they are co-owners of a 90-acre farm. Both Octavio and Luz work at least 4 days a week maintaining and developing the land. Through this opportunity and their hard work, God is providing them a way to self-sustain their family and their ministry.

They are currently the pastors of Casa de Milagros, the church in Puerto Maldonado. They have 5 grown children who have given them 4 beautiful grandchildren.